Lamb middle neck is highly flavored and best in recipes where it can be slow-cooked to release that entire magical flavor. Middle neck chops are meaty and tender. The chops are best oven baked or braised. They make an ideal meat for Hot-pot . The middle neck of lamb is in fact two cuts: best end of neck towards the front of the animal and loin towards the rear. Lamb middle neck can be relatively expensive, depending on the level of trimming done by the butcher. As both cuts come from the back, they yield cutlets which can be grilled in the same way as chops. Best-end cutlets are slightly less juicy than loin chops. In fact, T-bone style chops are also cut from the loin. To prepare lamb middle neck is important to cut it in small pieces and add fresh vegetables in special fresh lemon juice. Lamb middle neck is flavorful enough on its own that it doesn't need a great deal of complicated spicing or marinating to accent the flavor. Conversely, lamb's flavor is robust enough that it pairs beautifully with any number of boldly flavored seasonings. Some additions that complement lamb wonderfully are rosemary, oregano, marjoram, thyme, lemon zest, cumin, coriander, mint and garlic.

Lamb middle neck Recipes Edit

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