Beautifully tender and always impressive, the saddle is made up of two loins. It’s the ultimate lamb roast, easy to cook and lamb leant to present. Lamb is flavorful enough on its own that it doesn't need a great deal of complicated spicing or marinating to accent the flavor. Equally, lamb's flavor is strong enough that it pairs beautifully with any number of boldly flavored seasonings. Some additions that complement lamb wonderfully are rosemary, oregano, marjoram, thyme, lemon zest, cumin, coriander, mint and garlic. Before seasoning the lamb, trim some of the excess fat if you like, in addition to any silver skin . Chop up your herbs and seasonings of choice and rub the mixture evenly over the surface of the meat. Wrap the coated meat tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate it overnight for the best flavor. Another popular way to season a roast is to make small incisions in the surface of the meat and push slivers of garlic and sprigs of herbs into the slits.

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