• 600 g of net of beef
  • 400 g of liver of duck
  • 150 g of aromatic decoration (carrots, onions, celery, scallion, garlic in mirepoix)


  1. Parry the net of beef, dénervez and reserve finery. Cut the liver of duck in scallops, season, then cook them in a very hot frying pan, drain on some absorbing paper, reserve them.
Assemblage of the layer of the earth
  1. Cut the net of bœuf in 3 edges, in the sense of the length, flatten them lightly, salt, add pepper.
  2. Put down an edge of bœuf, then go up in coats, meat, liver, by ending up in bœuf.
  3. Tie up for a roast, envelop and grip film in a paper, reserve expenses in.
  1. Take away paper film and made go back in a casserole with 50 g of butter, add finery and cooked in hot oven during 5 mn about. Withdraw the roast, reserve for heat.
  1. Streamline the casserole, add the aromatic decoration, anchor with the red wine and cook from 15 till 20 minutes. Withdraw the finery of meat, pass to the mixer, then to Chinese, finally season. Until sauce reduces, cooked vegetables by whitening them separately, then freeze them. So that vegetables remain bright, it is necessary that they are comparatively loving. Made the same thing for white turnips, potatoes and leeks. Whiten potatoes in a little water and cross them to the butter to colour them. Finishing: Take away the twine of the layer of the earth and cut it in two. Put it down then on the plate, with the frozen vegetables. Sauce is crossed and it reduced, we are going to take it up to the butter to soften it a bit and link it. Overturn over, well by looking after not to damage too much vegetables and baking of the layer of the earth.
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