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After looking at the recipe already on the wiki (found here), I thought I should add this alternative. This classic recipe comes straight from my Grandma and is far, far superior to anything I've had from a supermarket. It also contains just lemons, egg, butter and sugar - so much simpler and better for you.

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  1. Into a large heavy based pan (e.g. the base of a stainless steel pressure cooker) put the butter cut up into small pieces, the sugar and the beaten eggs - that's the yolk (yellow) of 6 and the white of four.
  2. Add the rind and juice of the lemons. Stirring continuously with a wooden spoon, heat until boiling. The mixture MUST reach the 'jam heat' so if you've got a jam thermometer - great! congrats
  3. Meanwhile the jars should be placed in a fairly warm oven to sterilize them and prevent cracking when the hot lemon curd is poured in.
  4. Once boiling, take off the heat and fill the jars.
  5. Seal immediately with jam pot covers and elastic bands. Job done!
  6. If the jars are properly sterilized and the curd is kept in the fridge, it can last for years. Enjoy :)

PS As you've got two egg whites left, why not make some meringues?

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