Lemon sole

Lemon sole

Name variations Edit

  • English sole
  • common sole
  • California sole

About Lemon sole Edit

Lemon sole is a small flatfish and it is a member of the Pleuronectidae family. Lemon sole is a flounder that can be found in the shallow waters of the pacific North west coast. Lemon sole has a pointed head and the eyes are situated on the left side of its head. Lemon sole has a bright-brown color on the left side and a white to pale color on the other side. When they are juveniles, lemon soles eyes migrate to the left side of the fish. Similar to other flounders, lemon soles also have the ability of camouflaging by changing their color according the environment colors. The ability of changing their color helps them to capture their prey and to hide from the predators. Lemon soles feed on small fish, spawn, crustaceans and polichaetes. Lemon fish are small flounders; their dimensions vary from five inches and five hundred grams to fifteen inches and two kilograms. Generally lemon soles names depend on their sizes: tiny lemon soles are named peewees and big lemon soles are named George flounder or simply lemon sole.

Lemon sole Recipes Edit

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