Lime juice

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  • Persian lime juice

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Lime juice is the juice of a lime. Lime juice and limeade are some of the more popular lime products and are available in most supermarkets. The versatile lime has a new multitude of uses, from a sprightly addition to mixed drinks (like Margaritas), to a marinade for raw-fish dishes (such as Seviche), to the famous Key Lime Pie.

Rose's lime cordial, often known simply as "Rose's", is a brand of sweetened lime juice used in mixed drinks, most notably the Gimlet. It is made by the British company L. Rose & Co., and distributed by Mott's in the US. Rose's lime juice is often used to make gin and vodka gimlets. The standard recipe is 1.5 oz of Vodka or Gin and 1oz of Rose's lime juice poured and mixed over ice. Other products sold under the Rose's name are the grenadine and non-alcoholic Triple Sec.

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