Name variations Edit

  • lingcod
  • Molva molva

About Ling Edit

The Ling is also called Molva molva and is a large member of the Cod family, being an ocean fish that can be found especially in the Atlantic region and around Iceland, western British Isles, the Norse coast and sometimes around Finland. It is recognized after its long slender body which can reach a length of 2 meters. It is said that it can be a deep running fish that goes to depths of 100 meters or even more when in reaches maturity. As for the younger fish, they are usually found at shallower depths. The Ling has a very much appreciated flesh which can be consumed fresh, salted or dried. Many people love the salted roe of the Ling that are generally considered a great delicacy, especially in Spain where it is known as huevas de maruca.

Lingcod is not really a cod but a Greenling. This fish won't win any beauty contests, but its mildly sweet flavor and firm, low fat texture makes up for its appearance. Lingcod ranges from 3 to 20 pounds and is available whole or as steaks or fillets. It can be prepared in almost any manner including baking, broiling, frying or grilling. Lingcod also does nicely in soups and stews.

Ling Recipes Edit

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