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I had to eat liver no 20 years, but at the request of the dietitian had to do it. So I came to the following recipe is very - very light, tasty, and thankfully (although afraid) the liver was not as elastic.

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  1. Rinse the liver, drain and put in Tefal.
  2. Once you get color from one side (2-3 minutes) to turn from the other - with caution not to drill.
  3. Just seeing that got color on the other hand, add warm water, enough to cover until the middle of the liver.
  4. Pour in pan our onion, parsley and peppers cut pieces.
  5. Cover the pan and bring us the temperature (the downloader to 2-3 with a scale up to 6). Bake in liver us for about 10 minutes after turning on the other side. If necessary add some water.
  6. Shortly before finishing cooking add a tablespoon of olive oil, juice of half a lemon, salt and pepper. (in the mill I have black-red-green)
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