About Lollo rosso Edit

A very common name for this kind of plant is lettuce. It comes from lactuca genus and sativa species. The seeds of this plant can be planted from March until October and they need clay or heavy, acidic, sandy, alkaline, and well-drained soil. Also, in order to grow, lollo rosso needs exposure to full sun. This plant can reach a height of 15 cm and is has frilly reddish-pink leaves. It represents a leaf lettuce variety that has long leaves with very ruffled edges which are green toward the interior of the head of the plant and red on the outer portion of the head. Also, the leaves of lollo rosso are tender and mildly flavored. Red leaf lettuce can be a real substitute for this kind of lettuce. Lollo rosso can be used in salads and also as a garnish in different types of food. It is healthy to eat it fresh, without any preparation because this would modify its texture and it would destroy most of its vitamins.

If you cannot find lollo rosso, red-leaf lettuce is a decent substitute.

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