About long white potatoes Edit

The long white potatoes are included in the large solanum potato family and they present a tuber in an oval shape, with a thin and pale or light tan skin and they are medium in starch. The long white potatoes are very popular and intensively grown in California and they are consumed mostly during spring and summer. These potatoes include approximately 75 % water and the rest is made of carbohydrates and mineral salts. Due to their properties, these potatoes are recommended to obese people and in diabetes cases, as they are considered to be very digestive and rich. The long white potatoes are also energetic aliments, which ease the intestinal functions and can replace bread and pastas in low calories diets.

Due to the fact that their flesh is white, these kind of potatoes are mostly boiled, as they mash easily and form a soft and creamy texture when cooked. The long white potato chips are smoother and less firm than the red potato chips and the long white potato salads have a more delicate texture.

Long white potato Recipes Edit

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