Name Variations Edit

  • wild celery
  • smallage
  • smellage

About Lovage Edit

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Lovage (Ligusticum officinale) is a plant, the leaves and "seeds" or fruit of which are used to flavor food, especially in South European cuisine. It is a tall (3 to 5 ft) perennial that vaguely resembles celery in appearance and in flavor. Lovage also sometimes gets referred to as smallage, but this is more properly used for celery.

The fruit of the lovage plant can be used as a spice, but what appears in the trade as lovage seed is usually ajwain, not lovage. On the other hand, what is sold as "celery seed" is often partially or entirely ground lovage seed.

The root of lovage is used as a diuretic.

Lovage Recipes Edit

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