Love Candy is one of three candy bar flavors made by Love Candy of Dallas, Texas. The candy bar features a caramel center finished off with a nut topping. While this candy bar has the same sugar content as other candy bars, it is one of the few that does not contain high fructose corn syrup.

In a product review of the candy bar, "Supermarket Guru" Phil Lempert gave Love Candy Milk Chocolate 95 out of 100 possible points. Lempert said the candy bar had an "excellent flavor, very good mouth feel, excellent texture and a refreshingly simple list of ingredients we love." In particular, Lempert was impressed by Love Candy's ability to get the nuts to stay crunchy so that the bar didn't have the "usual mushy candy bar nut texture."

Ingredients Edit

Milk Chocolate (Milk Chocolate contains: sugar, cocoa butter, milk, chocolate liquor, soya lecithin (emulsifier) and pure vanilla), sugar, corn syrup, dairy butter, toasted oats, heavy cream, brown sugar, almonds, pecans, honey, whole milk powder, natural bourbon vanilla extract, salt, soya lecithin (an emulsifier)

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