Whether you're on a low carbohydrate diet or just trying to limit your carb intake, baking can be a problem. Most conventional flours are quite high in carbs which makes baking breads, cookies, and cakes difficult to say the least. Fortunately, if you want to stay healthy and still eat cookies and cakes occasionally, you do have a variety of options for low carb flour substitutes. Most of these low carb flours are going to be less processed and higher in fiber, meaning that overall they're healthier for you whether or not you're on a low carb diet. Here are some options for a low carb flour substitute you can use for baking at home:

You can also find several special low carb flour formulations on the market that are a mixture of different flours designed to be a low carb flour substitute. Be sure to read the label to make sure the product has the nutritional profile you're looking for.

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