About Lugano olive Edit

Lugano olive is a medium size brownish-black olive grown in Italy that has a long rounded shape and meat with a firm texture. It is brine-cured and provides a delicately rich, salty flavor. The Lugano olive is most often used as a hors d'oeuvre or as a complement to salads and pasta. These Italian black olives are sometimes packed with olive leaves; but usually are very salty. Lugano olive is very popular all around the world because they are healthy and rich in aromas; they are easily digested and contain a lot of nutrients which are good for stomach. Lugano olives like all the rest of olives must be cured before consumption and cannot be eaten raw. Lugano olives are eaten as a finger food as well as in recipes. Olives are pressed to extract healthy olive oil. Black olives contain more oil than green. Lugano olives can be stored at room temperature up to two years but also Lugano olives should be refrigerated in their own liquid in a non-metal container in order to maintain the great taste and savor.

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