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Lumpfish are found on both sides of the North Atlantic in cold to temperate coastal waters.they are semipelagic species during their early life stages. Spawning takes place during the spring and continues into summer. The preferr spawning grounds are shallow water rocky shores with abundant seaweed growth.After the egg masses have been deposited, females leave and the smaller redish color male are left to guard them. Lumpfish feed on a wide variety of invertebrates such as euphausiids, pelagic amphipods, copepods, small crustaceans, jellyfish and some small fish as herring and sand lance. Lumpfish roe tastes good with creme fraiche and red onions. The female is called "lumpfish" and the male is called "lumpsucker". The female differentiates herself from the male by her blue-green coloring. Living up to its name, the lumpfish also named Cyclopterus lumpus has scale less skin with a rough ridge down its back which is essentially a alteration of the first dorsal fin and rows of knobby protuberances, called tubercles, down each side. On the underside of its body its ventral fins have been changed into a round sucker disc. The lumpfish is a bottom dwelling creature, preferring rocky areas where it can attach itself by this sucker.

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