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About Mahón cheese Edit

Mahón in Spanish, Maó in standard Catalan and Mô in the local variety of this latter language, is a soft to hard white cheese made from cow's milk, named after the natural port of Mahón on the island of Minorca off the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Minorca is known for its cheese production and is home to one of the most respected dairy plants in Europe.

Mahón has some characteristics specific to it, despite aging. In general the cheese is buttery sharp, slightly salty and lightly aromatic (sweet and nutty aromas) in taste.

Mahón's sweet and fruity but at times slightly salty taste is due in part to the sea salt content in the grasses the cows eat. The rind is generally an orange color due to the rind being rubbed with butter, or oil, and paprika. As it reaches maturity (around 10 months) it tends to have small misshapen holes and has some granularity. In general, all aged Mahón has a proliferation of tiny holes.

Artesano Mahón Edit

Artesano (artisanal) Mahón is young, aged no longer than three months, and softer than traditional Mahón. It is important to keep young Mahón in the vegetable compartment of a refrigerator or cooler. It should be stored in airtight plastic wrapping to preserve it's softness.

Aged Mahón Edit

Conversely, harder, more aged Mahón should be wrapped in foil or waxed paper.

Mahón cheese Recipes Edit

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