Mahi mahi

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Mahi mahi, also called dolphin-fish, is a part of genus Coryphaena in the Coryphaenidae family. Mahi mahi can be found in subtropical and tropical waters all around the world. Dolphin fish are frequently confused with dolphins but there is a big difference between them, first of all because dolphins are mammals.

Mahi mahi dolphins have a short life; they don’t live more than three or four years. Mahi mahi weight can vary from seven kilograms to forty five kilograms and they usually stay off-shore. Dolphin fish is a multicolor fish: on the bottom they have a yellowish color and on the top and on the laterals they have a bright blue and green color. The dorsal fins are long expanding about the whole length of their bodies and the anal fins are long and sharp. Mahi mahi survive by feeding themselves with flying fish, crabs, squid, mackerel, crustaceans and zooplankton. Mahi-mahi is fast growing fishes and they have a swimming speed of about 50 kilometers per hour. Although they live on the surface water when they are removed from the water they might they in a short period changing their color in yellow.

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