Mako Shark

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Mako shark is a species from Lamnidae family from Isurus oxyrinchus genus. The body of the short fin mako shark is lengthen but rather stout. The snout is long and pointed. The first dorsal and the pectoral fins are big, but the second dorsal and anal fins are very small. This species is a deep blue or dark gray above and white below. There is a black spot at the base of the pectorals. This shark is found wide-reaching in warm and temperate seas; in the eastern Pacific from Chile to the Columbia River, Washington, counting the Gulf of California, but they are not found in the tropics. The diet of this shark includes fishes and squid, often large ones. Every time is possible; the mako shark takes its food in one gulp. With its incredible speed, it is incontestably a perilous shark. Short fin mako sharks bear live young. Typical Mako teeth are smooth edged, dagger like. Exceptionally large Makos, have teeth more wedge shaped, and less dagger like. Makos are mackerel sharks that are incredibly fast swimmers and can also leap out of the water.

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