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Mandarin oranges

Name Variations[]

  • Tangerine

About Mandarin orange[]

Mandarin is a group name for a category of oranges with thin, loose peel, which have been called "kid-glove" oranges. The mandarin tree might be much smaller than that of the sugary orange or equivalent in dimension, depending on variety. The fruit is oblate, rather than spherical, and roughly resembles a pumpkin in shape. Most are sweeter than their other citrus cousins, have a bright orange skin that is easy to peel, and inner segments that are easily separated. Around the world are many varieties of mandarin orange such as the Satsuma, Clementine, or Tangor. Mandarin oranges of all kinds are primarily eaten out-of-hand, or the sections are used in fruit salads, gelatins, puddings, or on cakes. Exceptionally small types are canned in syrup. The essential oil expressed from the peel is employed commercially in savoring hard candy, gelatins and ice cream, chewing gum, and bakery goods. Mandarin essential oil paste is a typical flavoring for effervescent beverages.

Mandarin orange Recipes[]