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Directions Edit

  1. On a grill, char the skins of the peppers until completely black on all sides.
  2. While hot put the pepper in a brown paper bag and close tightly.
  3. After about 10 minutes, peel off skin, remove seeds and slice the peppers into eighths.
  4. Peel the onions and slice into ¼" thick rounds.
  5. Grill the onions until crispy.
  6. Peel the mango and cut into thick slices.
  7. Combine the red peppers, grilled onions and the mango slices.
  8. Add the cilantro.
  9. Add the olive oil, lime juice, a pinch of salt and pepper and mix lightly.
  10. Serve the mixture over a bed of arugula or other greens.
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