Description Edit

Ingredients Edit

  • Full mangoes, not over-ripe
  • ¾ cup Sugar to each cup of pulp
  • ½ tsp lime juice to each cup of pulp

Directions Edit

  1. Wash, dry, and peel the mangoes, then sieve or purée the flesh. Add Sugar and lime juice.
  2. Boil the mixture in a thick pan, stirring constantly until the mixture leaves the sides.
  3. Test a little in cold water -- it should form into a ball. Clean and dry a shallow pan, grease it and brush it with rum.
  4. Pour in the "Cheese" to a depth of about 1 inch, and put to cool. When cool, cut into cubes and toss into crushed white sugar. The Cheese may be moulded into a variety of shapes if desired.
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