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Large tube pasta that may be found with a ridged or smooth surface and ends that are straight cut or diagonally cut. Manicotti is generally filled with ricotta cheese and spinach, and baked. If not available, substitute cannelloni or lumaconi.

Manicotti, often confused with cannelloni, is the name for a large, tubular form of pasta, generally 3 – 4 inches in length and one inch in diameter. The term also refers to the finished dish made from the pasta tube which is boiled and stuffed with ricotta cheese or meat, then covered with tomato sauce. There are many variations on this basic recipe.

The Italian term "manicotti" is the plural of manicotto ("muff"), the diminutive of manica ("sleeve").

The American composer Peter Schickele has called for an uncooked manicotti tube, which he calls "tuba mirum," to be used as a musical instrument (played in the manner of a horn) in works by the fictional composer P. D. Q. Bach.

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