Manzanilla olives

Name Variations Edit

  • Spanish olives
  • Stuffed olives

About Manzanilla olives Edit

Olive trees thrive in climates with mild winters and hot summers. They never tolerate a temperature of less than 10 °F, and a lengthy spell of freezing weather can ruin any chances for a decent crop. Olive trees are very hardy in hot summer temperatures and they are drought tolerant. The trees grow best in shallow soil.

Manzanilla olive is a small to medium size olive, formed in Spain and California, which is greenish brown in color and oval formed. It is brine-cured and has firm textured meat given that a slight almond savor and may be a tiny bitter or smoky tasting. Generally pitted, this olive is often overstuffed with garlic or pimento. Also Manzanilla olives are known as a Manzanillo or Spanish olive. Manzanilla olive is a great ingredient to prepare olive oil which is one of the most versatile oils for cooking and it enhances the taste of many foods. It is an excellent alternative to butter or margarine as a condiment or for use in food preparation. Manzanilla olives are sold in the proportion of eighty percent stuffed with peppers, ten percent without stone, and ten percent with stone.

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