A margarita mix is a party drink that can be enjoyed with or without alcohol. There are a variety of boutique producers such as William Sonoma™ El Cholos, Mr. T’s or Tommy’s that have good prepared mixes on the market. For a quick party margarita mix, there are some versions sold with tequila already in the mix. It is best to get the brands that require refrigeration as they are flash pasteurized and have a fresher taste.

For the more adventurous, preparing your own margarita mix can be half the fun. These can be made ahead of time and refrigerated until needed. Then there are the purists that prefer preparing all ingredients at the time the drink is being made.

Several kinds of juices and natural flavors are blended together and sold specifically as margarita mix. The common ingredients in the prepared mixes are lemon or lime, tangerine or orange, and Velvet Falernum, which is a thick, sweet cane syrup with a mix of almond, ginger and lime. Most margarita mixes that are premixed are very sweet and have extra sugar added.

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