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Marion berries, raspberries, or blackberries belong to cane berries hybrids. The process of creating the Marion berry began with the pairing of a blackberry with a raspberry, which gave birth to Loganberry from which many varied crossings sprang. Marion berry is grown particularly in western Oregon, being one of the most widely planted blackberry variety. Actually, the Marion berry was introduced in 1956, after several efforts of cross-breeding that lasted a couple of years. The name of this plant comes from the Marion County, the place where it was first produced and it became popular due to the fact that is it great for pies, cobblers, or simple consumption. Moreover, because it does not have a lot of seeds, Marion berry proves to be an excellent ingredient for home-made jam. Marion berries can be used in syrup, jam, cakes, pies, or tarts. For example Marion berry marmalade represents a great combination between the intense berry flavor of the Marion berry with sliced citrus rind. Marion berry is a cross between the Chehalem and the Olallie.

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