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There are numerous species of Marlin such as White Marlin, Blue Marlin and others. Marlins are bicolor fishes usually blue on top and silver on bottom which can be found in the Atlantic Ocean. Marlin is specie of fish which is a part of Istiophoridae family and marlin’s main species include Makaira nigricans and Tetrapterus albidus. Unlike the blue marlin which is bicolor the white marlin is entirely white. Marlin fish is recognized after its upper jaw extended in form of spear, dorsal fin pointed at front end, pectoral fin and anal fin pointed, lateral line reticulated and body covered with fixed scales ending in one or two sharp points. A distinctive characteristic of the white marlin is that it has spots on the dorsal fin. The dimensions of marlin species can vary from 300 pound to 2000 pounds and it is about eleven feet long. Blue marlin is considered to be the largest specie of marlin fish and the female are much bigger than the males which usually never exceed 300 pounds. Marlins survive in the Atlantic Ocean by feeding themselves with squid and pelagic fishes such as black fin tuna and frigate mackerel.

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