Name Variations Edit

  • matzoh ball
  • matzah ball
  • knaidel

About Matzo ball Edit

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Matzah balls, also known as knaydlach (pl.) (knaydel, singular) in Yiddish, (also matza balls, matzo balls, or matzoh balls) are a traditional Ashkenazi (East-European Jewish) dumpling made from matzah meal, a flour-like product produced by grinding matzah.

Matzah balls combine matzah meal with eggs, fat and seasonings, usually salt and pepper. Seltzer water (for lightness) and sautéed onions are also common. The traditional fat is schmaltz, which imparts a distinctive flavor, but many contemporary cooks use vegetable oils due to health concerns.

Matzo balls are usually cooked and served in chicken soup.

Matzo ball Recipes Edit

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