Meat Recipes

In many homes, meat recipes are the answer to what’s for dinner. Versatile in terms of food cost and the dishes you could make out of it, meat recipes can be part of the everyday menu without breaking the bank or being boring in your food preparation. Packed with protein, cooked meats offer a hearty meal whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It can be an ingredient for appetizers , be turned into a side dish or transform into the main course at the heart of the table.

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Considered as meat are beef, pork, veal, and lamb although nutritionists also consider poultry, fowl and game birds as meats. The meat selected for making into meat recipes may be lean or marbled in fat. Meats are also defined according to their cut from the carcass of the cow or the hog or pig. These include pork chops, spare ribs, pork loin, pork tenderloin, pork belly, pork shoulder and pork roast. Similarly, there’s ribs, steak and ground meats.

Meat recipes may call for large cuts, sliced into cubes or ground. These have appropriate cooking methods so the meat cooks through properly. It may take a while, for example, to thoroughly cook a large slab of tenderloin as a stew so it has to be cut. Although one can make a burger out of minced beef, it’s much easier to handle and shape ground beef into a patty.

Always practice food safety when handling meats especially ground pork and beef . The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has come out with guidelines in handling and cooking each kind of meat. It recommends cooking pork and beef at an internal temperature of 145°F with a rest time of three minutes especially when grilling or roasting.

Meat recipes included in the collection range from beef stew, jerky, corned beef, ground beef and hamburger meat, as well as steak and roasts. There are also meat recipes for pork chops, pork tenderloin, pork loin, pulled pork (great for sandwiches), pork roast and pork ribs. all of them may be prepared simply or as part of a festive menu.

For quick reference, chicken, fowl and other game birds also have a section here. Chicken may be cooked in a crock pot, baked, roasted, made healthy, or spiced. Duck can be grilled, smoked, or barbecued as a whole or in parts. Likewise, there’s turkey to be roasted, ground, smoked, marinated or transformed from leftover to new dish. Game fowls like goose, pheasant, ostrich, and guinea fowl are also part of the collection.

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