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This dish is made of mutton, horse-flesh and beef.






  1. The prepared and washed pieces of meat are put in a cauldron or pan with cold water and brought to boiling; then the fire is lessened, scum removed and boiling on slow fire is continued to meat's readiness.
  2. 30–40 minutes before the end of boiling laurel leaf, an onion, peppercorn and salt to taste are added to the broth.
  3. While the meat is boiling dough is kneaded; it is left for 30–40 minutes, then rolled in a layer i-1,5 mm thick and cut in squares 8 cm each.
  4. Half an hour before the end of boiling of the meat one can drop in the broth whole peeled potatoes, boil them to readiness and together with meat put them in a closed vessel.
  5. In a separate small pan onion cut in rings, salt, pepper and spicy greens are put, covered with fat skimmed from the hot broth, then the lid is tightly put on and all this is stewed.
  6. Square of rolled dough are dropped in boiling broth, boiled to readiness, layed out on a flat plate and covered with gravy.
  7. On top of them pieces of meat are put (the present-day housewives prefer to cut it in slices) and on top of it onion rings stewed in fat are put.
  8. Along the edges the dish is decorated with boiled potatoes.