About Meat thermometerEdit

A device used for checking the doneness of meat to ensure that the appropriate safe internal temperature has been reached. Some thermometers are inserted into the meat at the beginning of cooking and remain there until the proper internal temperature is reached and others, such as instant-read thermometers, are inserted at the end of the cooking period. Instant read thermometers are available as digital or open face dials. Both types work well, so it is only a matter of personal preference when deciding on the best one to use. When checking the temperature of the meat, insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the meat and as close to the center as possible. Avoid placing the thermometer on or near a bone, which will produce an inaccurate reading. It is often wise to take a reading from several locations or angles on the meat, since there may be a hot spot that results in a higher temperature reading.

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