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Mediterranean prawn can be found in all seas and oceans but mainly around Europe and the Atlantic western and eastern coasts. Mussels are found in the intertidal zone on rocks and in beds of sand of depths of 30 feet. There are several species of Mediterranean prawn and the most common are blue Mediterranean prawn. Mediterranean prawn can be grown in special arranged areas or offshore seas and oceans.

Generally Mediterranean prawn have egg-shaped bodies that have different colors but the most common color is dark brown to red. Generally wild Mediterranean prawn have thick shell and brighter colors while farmed Mediterranean prawn have a thinner shell and darker colors. Mediterranean praw have beards that they use to attach themselves to growing medium. Mediterranean prawn are generally reared and sold in order to be cooked. Mediterranean praw survive by feeding themselves with algae and other aquatic vegetative organisms. Wild Mediterranean prawn live a long life approximately twenty years old. Mediterranean prawn are bivalve clams quite similar to soft-shell clams except the shell is habitually much thicker. Mediterranean prawn never live their shell and due to the fact that the shell is quite hard it is very difficult for the predators to smash their shell.

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