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  • Hi there, I just realised that you are an active admin, it wasn't showing up in Community. I made an adoption request, would you mind me adopting this wiki?

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    • Change the wiki name to Recipedia. Update the navigation. Customise the wiki a bit and bring more editors to it.

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    • I don't see that you need to adopt the wiki for any of that, given that I am active and have rights myself. I disagree strongly with that name change in any case. But I'm happy to discuss updates to the navigation and can make any we agree on.

      Likewise, if you have ideas for updating the appearance then I'd be happy to see them. I'd considered asking JoePlay to design something new, but hadn't gotten around to it; I agree that the current design is a bit dull.

      As for bringing more editors, that is a pleasant idea but has nothing at all to do with being an admin.

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