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This is THE Lamb SOUP for a quiet, intimate evening on a rainy day. My family uses white Burgundy wine which blends wonderfully with the vegetables and ends up tasting a bit sweet. Children wont even know there's wine in the soup. celery gives a rustic, fresh taste. TRULY, WONDERFUL RUSTIC TASTING SOUP. Got the recipe from Pietro Petroni's : The Complete Book of Florentine Cooking while I was in Florence.

Minestra dagnello

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  1. Chop finely the celery, carrot and onion and saute in 3 tablespoons of olive oil
  2. As soon as the onion begins to change colour, add the Lamb and continue to cook
  3. After a few minutes, add the wine and allow to evaporate completely, then add the tomatoes
  4. Continue to cook over a low heat for about one hour, then add the broth.
  5. Finally add the noodles and cook for a few minutes.
  6. Serve with freshly ground pepper.
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