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~jewish, afghanistan 6 lb potatoes ~ water 2 eggs, beaten 1 c fine matzoh meal 1 ts salt, or to taste ¼ ts pepper ½ ts ground cuminseed ½ c corn oil Cover the potatoes with water in a pan and cook them in their skins, covered, until tender. Cool and peel the potatoes and puree them in a processor. Add the eggs, matzoh meal, salt, pepper, and cuminseed and mix well. Prepare small football-shaped cutlets 1" long and ½" wide. Heat the oil in a skillet and brown the cutlets, a few at a time, over moderate heat. Drain them on paper towels. Serve warm. Serves Potatoes are often the filler needed during passover when bread is abolished for the holiday. These small "footballs" of simple but satisfying ingredients can be served during a meal, although i have also served them with drinks as appetizers. Nutritional information per serving: xx calories, xx gm protein, xx mg cholesterol, xx gm carbohydrate, xx mg sodium, x.x gm fiber, xx gm fat ( x gm sat, x gm mono, x gm poly), x.x mg iron, xx mg calcium, x% of calories from fat.

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