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Black mission olives

About Mission olive Edit

Olives are native in Mediterranean area and are small oily fruits which contain a pit. Mission olive is a ripe green olive that obtains its characteristic color and flavor from lye curing and oxygenation. Olives that are tree ripened turn dark brown or black naturally. The best part of these olives are used for oil but the rest are brine or salt-cured and are frequently packed in olive oil or a vinegar solution. The Greek kalamata and the French niçoise olives are two of the more popular imported ripe olives. Mission olives have been packed in salt, which removes most of their moisture and creates dry, wrinkled fruit. These olives are sometimes rubbed with olive oil or packed with herbs. Both domestic and imported olives are available bottled, canned and in bulk year-round in a variety of forms including pitted olive, unfitted olives or stuffed, sliced and chopped. Unopened olives can be stored at room temperature for up to two years. Once opened, they can be refrigerated in their own liquid for several weeks. From olives you can also prepare olive oil which is very healthy and tasty.

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