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  • myoga ginger

About Myoga Edit

Myoga is a type of ginger that belongs to the Spain, Caribbean and Japanese cuisine. Myoga is also known as zingiber myoga roscoe and the plant’s bulbs are the ones who are edible as spices. There are many types of ginger and the miyoga is among the wildest ones. Myogas resemble the endives in aspect, although its taste resembles is like a spicier ginger.

Some recipes that include the myoga ginger are focused on fish and seafood and they are spiced with garlic, chili and lemon or tamarind. There is a wide variety of Asian and Caribbean soups, chicken dishes and sambals that include this exotic plant. Still, due to the fact that this kind of ginger has an intense flavor and smell, it is usually accompanied by coconut milk and lemon grass, which make the food seem pleasantly flavored. Besides these, there is also an exotic recipe of pickled miyoga. Myoga can replace ginger and other spices in a meal, as it has a complex and unique flavor that combines more aromas in one.

Myoga Recipes Edit

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