2 sticks butter (NO subs) 1 can of evaporated milk 4 cups sugar 1 pkg. semi-sweet chocolate chips 1 pkg. milk chocolate chips 1 or 2 bars German Sweet Chocolate 1 Family size Hershey Bar 2 pkg. marshmallows 1 or 2 cups chopped nuts

In a heavy 4-5 quart pan, melt butter, add evaporated milk and sugar, stir until mixed. Continue to cook until it comes to a boil, Boil 6 minutes withour stirring. Remove from heat and immediatly add chocolate chips, German sweet chocolate bar, Hershey bar. marshmallows (do this by 1 pkg. first and then add more marshmallows as needed--stir until right consistency and everything is melted. Add nuts as desired. Pour into 2 jelly roll pans that have been lightly buttered. Score and let set up.

I have been making this fudge for over 40 years, tweaking it and changing it here and there. I live in the Midwest, so humidity plays a big part.

People have offered to buy this fudge and this recipe.

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