Moray eel

About Moray eel Edit

The Moray eel belongs to the family of Muraenidae and it is considered to make up one of the biggest families in the Hawaii waters, comprising over 40 species. However, the abundance of the family can’t be estimated because of the large number of small species that hide within the reef. In its turn, the moray eel has over 80 species. The difference between the moray eel and other eels is that the moray eel has small round gill openings and usually has no pectoral fins. Other features of the moray eel are its wide mouth, it’s sharp teeth that are very dangerous for other fish and sometimes they can inflict serious wounds even to humans. The color of the moray eel is bright and its length is usually about 1.5 meters. However, there are some species, such as the Thyrsoidea that can grow up to 3.5 meters. The moray eel is not usually eaten because their flesh is often poisonous.

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