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The morel is a type of edible cup fungus. It produces a highly porous ascocarp, prized by gourmet cooks, particularly for French cuisine.

The best known morel is the Morchella deliciosa, which is commonly known as simply "morel." Other types include Morchella esculenta, M. elata, M. semilibera, and M. vulgaris. Mushroom hunters will commonly refer to them by their color, i.e., gray, yellow, black, etc., as the species are very similar in appearance and vary considerably within species and age of individual mushroom.

The morel is the state mushroom of Minnesota.

A wild mushroom with a cone-shape cap that forms into a honeycombed and deeply indented shape. The cap and stem grow from two to four inches tall and are hollow throughout. The different varieties of morels vary in color from light yellow to dark brown. The darker the color, the stronger its flavor. Morels have a nut-like taste with a crisp, chewy texture that makes this mushroom a good choice for light cream sauces, pastas and egg dishes. The morel can be found growing singly or in groups near hardwoods, old apple orchards, and near dead elm trees, but its most popular habitat is in burned areas. It is one of the first mushrooms to appear in the spring, often before all the snow has disappeared. They should never been eaten raw because this may cause acute gastrointestinal illness. Fresh morels are available seasonally, while dried morels are available throughout the year.

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The photo on this recipe does not completely look like a Morel. This looks like it could be a false morel, for identification see many other sources. Please change photo, because I'm not sure how.

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