Moroccan cured

Moroccan dry-cured olive

About Moroccan dry-cured olive Edit

Olives belong to the Oleaceae family and the representative genus is Olea. There are more than twenty species of olives throughout the world. In fact, the cultivated olive is originally native to the eastern Mediterranean area, but nowadays it is cultivated in most of the regions that are characterised by Mediterranean-type climates. Olives are cultivated for their fruits, that contain oil , and they are also pickled for eating. As far as olive oil is concerned, this is extracted from ripe and fresh olives that contain 20% oil, and is used in canning, cooking, or just as table oil. Olives can be eaten at any time, as it does not matter if they are unripe or ripe. Unripe olives have a green colour and they remain greenduring pickling while ripe olives are dark bluish when they are fresh, but they become blackish during pickling. The seed of the olive, which is also caled stone, ia almot always removed so that the olive could be stuffed with different spicy ingredients such as sweet red pepper.

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