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Another plant that is native to warm temperate and subtropical regions of Africa, Asia and North America is mulberry or Morus whose closely related genus is Broussonetia. While they are still young, mulberries grow very fast, but this process changes and the plant rarely reaches 10 or 15 m in height. The leaves are simple, alternately arranged and lobed and the fruit is a multiple one, having a length of 2 or 3 cm, a sweet taste and a nice flavor. There are many generally accepted species, such as white mulberry, Chinese mulberry, African mulberry, Texas mulberry, red mulberry, and black mulberry. The fruit can be used in tarts, pies, wines and cordials. The best flavor is that of red and black mulberry. White mulberry is extensively naturalised in urban areas of eastern North America and its flavor seems to be rather insipid. The mature fruit contains resveratrol. Also, mulberries can be grown from seed, even though most of the time they are planted from large cuttings that take root readily.

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