Mung bean

Mung bean

Name Variations Edit

  • golden gram
  • green soy
  • green gram
  • monggo
  • munggo

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Green gram, known as mung in Hindi, is the seed of Vigna radiata which is native to India. It is also known as golden gram, green soy and mung bean(s). In the Philippines, it is called munggo or monggo.

A tiny, round dried bean (about ⅛ inch in diameter) with a thick outer skin that may be green, brown or black in color. When peeled, the inside of the bean provides a golden yellow or mustard-colored, soft-textured meat that is somewhat sweet in flavor, tender when cooked and easily digested. Originating in India, the bean is referred to as yellow mung, yellow split mung or moong dal, where it is often used to make curries and a food dish referred to as "Dal."

The mung bean is one of many species recently moved from the genus Phaseolus to Vigna and is still often seen cited as Phaseolus aureus or Phaseolus radiatus. These are all the same plant.

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