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This is a healthy soup that kids will love.


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Directions Edit

  1. Chop celery hearts into small pieces.
  2. Pull apart surrounding whitish leafy stalks, long and stringy and still attached and set aside.
  3. They will be the seaweed.
  4. Drain artichoke hearts and cut into small pieces (size of a penny).
  5. Make the chicken and rice soup according to the cooking directions.
  6. Add celery and artichokes and cook soup until it boils.
  7. Lower heat and add two to three drops each of the blue and green food colorings or until the soup turns into a murky seawater color.
  8. Ladle soup in bowls sprinkled with crackers on top.
  9. Let some of the seaweed (celery) hang over the edge of bowls.
  10. The artichoke hearts will sink to the bottom of the bowl and buried under the rice.
  11. Serve hot to kids who are eager to find treasure underwater!.
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