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Mustard seeds are small, about 1mm in diameter. They may be colored from yellowish-white to black. They are important spices in many regional cuisines.

Ninety percent of the world's supplies of mustard seeds are produced in Canada.

In the Indian subcontinent, they are often used whole, and are quickly fried in oil until they pop to impart a flavor to the oil.

There are numerous varieties of mustard with various levels of heat and sourness. Choose the one you prefer. Mustard goes well in sausages, beef soups and other meat dishes. It enhances the texture of a dish. Traditionally, mustard is believed to reduce inflammation.

Other ingredients can be used to mix mustard, for example, sugar, honey, vinegar, wine, or milk.

When initially mixed the sauce is mild in flavor, but it develops in time. Strong mustard has a very powerful (and painful) effect on the nasal membranes if eaten carelessly.

The whole seeds can be soaked in liquid before grinding to create whole grain mustard.

It is possible to buy ready prepared mustard in many places, but the freshly prepared product is usually far superior.

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