My hot wing recipe: Start cooking the wings in the oven, take Cayenne pepper sauce, about 1 cup, toss in a half cup or so of barbecue sauce (preferably something sweet), and some pepper, a bit of worschister sauce (soy sauce works in a pinch as well), toss in a little bit of Mirin (japanese rice cooking wine), a bit of dijon mustard... and well anything else that sounds appetizing at the time throw into a pan with 2 pats (2tbsp or so, more if you added lots of other stuff) of butter heat till butter melts completely about this time you should have 10-15 minutes left until the wings are finished cooking, remove them from the oven, coat completely with the sauce then toss back in oven for the rest of the cooking time. end result: crispy wings that are relatively mess free, hot as heck, and generally delicious to boot. The extra bake time dries the sauce out and bakes it onto the wing itself (I would recommend tinfoil on the bottom of the pan, the wings aren't the only thing the sauce bakes onto)

Oh and as a note Peanut Butter + mashed potato(e)s=not so good.

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