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  1. Cast iron skillet is great for this frying, it holds the heat better.
  2. Preheat your frying oil on Medium-high, but not "smoking" hot!
  3. The quicker you fry your bread, then the more tender and soft it will be.
  4. While your oil is heating, you can make the dough.
  5. Mix the dry ingredients first, then add warm water gradually and mix with hand until you get a ball of dough that is not too sticky.
  6. Pick off pieces of dough in the size of eggs and set them aside. You should have about 10 "eggs".
  7. Hand-shape the piece of dough into a disc that can fit into your pan. or, use the rolling pin on a floured surface and roll dough out into a disc. You can prepare all the discs first or make them as you go.
  8. Now, fry the dough and watch closely. The frying oil should be medium-hot, but not smoking.
  9. Fry the bread on each side a few minutes or until it is a nice light brown.
  10. Use two forks to flip the bread over and be careful not to flip hot oil on yourself!
  11. Drain the fry-bread on paper towels and serve immediately!
  1. It is best fresh and not very good the second day.
  2. You can put anything on Fry bread, butter, chile, or powdered sugar