Native oyster

Native oyster

About Native Oyster Edit

The native oyster, scientifically known as Ostrea edulis, is a bivalve mollusk and it is part of Ostreidae family. The shell is rough, scaly and it has a yellow to white color. The two valves are different one of another. The left one is bowl-shaped and it is used for attaching on surfaces, while the right one is flat and fits comfortably into the left valve. The right part of the shell has concentric circles which are blue and the entire animal has approximately the form of a pear. The container of the shell has various colors ranging from blue to grey and include just like other oysters opalescent ‘mother of pearl’. Mother of pearl is concealed by the oyster around any unfamiliar body that enters inside the shells such as sand or grit. In time, this action generates a pearl. Oysters are generally found in the region of the western European coastline as the Mediterranean. Native oysters are hermaphrodites’ animals, they start their lives as males and they become females after the age of one. Native years live approximately fifteen years.

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