Neni Qaliya

Description Edit

  • Ethnicity - Kashmiri, North Indian
  • Type of meal Lunch, Dinner

Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. In a steel or tinned brass or copper 'Patila' of about three to four litres capacity, pour a litre of water and put in it the meat, along with the suet and fatty intestine pieces.
  2. Add green or dry ginger pieces, after crushing these a little by pounding.
  3. Also add 2 tsps. each of turmeric and whole aniseeds, along with half a tea spoon of chili powder, 2 crushed big cardamoms, 2 tsps of salt and a pinch of asafoetida.
  4. Stir well and put the 'Patila', after covering it with a lid, on medium heat to boil slowly for half an hour.
  5. Generally in Kashmir, to prepare this dish earthenware vessels, a 'Leij' for a kg. and a 'Deg' for 3 to 5 kgs. of meat, are used. These give a special aroma to this cherished Dish, which is a must in all big Dinners.
  6. Remove the vessel from the fire, and by straining through a colander or a strainer or a coarse cloth, collect all the soup in a bowl.
  7. Sort out all the semi-cooked meat pieces from the strained mass and discard all the boiled ginger pieces, aniseed, cardamoms, bone pieces etc.
  8. Wash the vessel and pour in it the soup.
  9. Add the milk and curd, after thoroughly churning these together along with powdered aniseed, remaining turmeric and powdered dry ginger.
  10. Bring it to boil again, while the contents of the 'Patila' are constantly being stirred by a wooden or a steel ladle, so that the curd and milk do not crack, and separate from the soup.
  11. When a homogeneously blended gravy is formed, add the sorted and half cooked meat, fatty intestines and suet.
  12. Occasionally stir the contents gently.
  13. Let it simmer on low heat. Meanwhile in a pan or a 'Kadahi' heat the mustard oil, till the foam disappears, and after removing the pan from the fire, let the oil cool a bit.
  14. Add a pinch of asafoetida, cloves and the cumin seeds.
  15. Stir till the cloves, cumin seeds and the asafoetida gets fried but not charred. This imparts an aroma to the oil.
  16. Add this oil along with fried Spices to the meat, while it is simmering.
  17. Stir with a ladle and let cook on low heat, till the meat is tender.
  18. Now add garam masala and caraway seeds, and a bit crushed green cardamoms. stir and remove the 'Patila' from the fire for serving the dish.

Note Edit

  1. If the dish is not to be served immediately, then the garam masala, caraway seeds and green cardamoms, are added a little time before serving, while the dish is again brought to boil.
  2. 'Qaliya' should be piping hot while being served. In feasts it is always served as a first course, directly ladling it on the 'Bata' (Plain Cooked rice).
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