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  • top loin steak

About New York steak Edit

When the tenderloin strip has been removed from the short loin, the remaining meat is then cut into individual steaks of the thickness desired. Although it is known as New York Strip, Kansas City Strip or strip steak, the correct name of this steak is shell. A shell steak is easily identified in your meat market. It is very similar to porterhouse or T-bone steak without the tenderloin. When buying beef New York steak as well as other type of beef steak one most be careful in selecting the steaks by avoiding steaks with a coarse texture, the steaks with a profound red color and fat that has a yellowish or grayish color. In order to prepare New York Strip Steak first of all one has to bring steaks to room temperature and coat steaks lightly with oil. this type of beef steak it is generally consumed grilled or pan-fried and the steak can’t be left on fire more than four or five minutes until it gets a golden brown color. The steak is served with salads, sauces and generally it is served with potatoes, red peppers, onion, garlic and a variety of spices with flavor the steak.

Boneless top loin steak Edit

A boneless beefsteak cut from the top loin muscle of the short loin. Boneless top loin steaks are tender and flavorful and are best prepared using grilling, broiling, sautéing, or pan-frying cooking methods. The boneless top loin steak is known by different names depending on the area of the country it is purchased. Some of the names include strip loin steak, New York strip steak, Kansas City steak, Ambassador steak, boneless club steak, hotel style steak and veiny steak.

Bone-in top loin steak Edit

A bone-in steak cut from the top loin section of the beef short loin. Top loin bone-in steaks are tender and flavorful and are much like a Porterhouse or T-bone, but with the tenderloin portion removed. The best methods for cooking the steak are grilling, broiling, sautéing, and pan-frying. The bone-in top loin steak is known by different names depending on the area of the country it is purchased. Various names for bone-in top loin steak include club steak, chip club steak, country club steak, Delmonico steak (which is also an alternate name for a rib-eye steak), shell steak and strip loin steak.

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