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My husband's favorite, also spelled "ngalax", "ngallakh" or "ngallax".



  1. Prepare the baobab fruit juice:
  2. Place the baobab fruit in a clean glass bowl with several cups of warm water.
  3. Leave to soak for at least a few hours.
  4. Once the fruit is completely soaked, the fruit pulp should be easy to separate from the seeds.
  5. Stir it vigorously until the water becomes an opaque tan liquid.
  6. Strain this liquid through a cheesecloth and set aside.
  7. If baobab fruit is not available, substitute fresh or canned tamarind juice, or any other tropical fruit juice.
  8. Steam or cook couscous as normal.
  9. Stir in butter.
  10. Cool in the refrigerator.
  11. Make the sauce by mixing equal parts baobab fruit juice and peanut butter one or two cups of each. Add sugar, vanilla, nutmeg (or cinnamon) and orange water.
  12. Mix well.
  13. Refrigerate until ready to serve.
  14. Immediately before serving, mix the couscous, sauce, and Raisins. Sprinkle with Sugar.
  15. Serve and eat without delay.